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I am a self taught artist living in Marietta, GA with my husband of 25+ years. I have had the privilege of raising two sweet, loving kids, ages 17 and 14. When I am not painting in my home studio, I love to walk, catch up with friends and family, travel and visit art museums. Growing up in India, color has been an integral part of my life. Color moves me, excites me and inspires me! Painting for me is a process of discovery. My abstract work is completely open to interpretation.The indecipherability of my paintings prevents the viewer from instant identification and compels them to explore the work on a deeper and personal level. There is really no right or wrong way to look at my painting. What you interpret is what it is!!

I use acrylic paints, oils, pastels and oil pastels to paint. I love to incorporate craft, magazine paper and other found objects to increase the visual appeal and texture of a painting. In each composition I build up layers of paint and then expose parts of the under-painting to reveal previous versions of the work. It is always a delicate balance between conceal and reveal. I also incorporate random images from my memory which reflect my everyday experiences. The marks and scribbles found in my paintings are a reminder that the practice of creating art transcends the materials and is a form of meditation and introspection. 

While painting figures, I am more interested in capturing the gesture and emotion of the subject rather than the actual form. 

My abstract florals and landscapes are an expression of pure joy. Nature in its glory is vibrant, colorful and happy and that is the feeling I want to evoke when someone is looking at my painting. 

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